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During the 59 years since its founding, the University has attached great importance to the disciplinary construction and academic research. Up to now, it has already become a comprehensive multi-disciplinary university with a great academic reputation. The University now has 4 Special Provincial Disciplines, 1 Provincial Experiment and Teaching Demonstration Center, 58 Laboratories and 220 Bases for Graduates' Practice. Since 2000, the University has carried out 4 national and 18 provincial teaching reform programs, and 14 programs of experimental technology research of provincial level, and has won 17 provincial teaching awards, 5 provincial awards of experimental teaching and technology, and 6 national awards of multi-media course design. One textbook has been selected as one of the "Tenth Five Year Plan" national textbooks for higher education, four as the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" national textbooks for higher education, nine as the "Ninth Five Year Plan"  provincial textbooks for higher education, with another seventeen selected as provincial or national textbooks. In addition, 988 teaching and research theses have been published and 8 courses have been evaluated as "Excellent Courses" in Shandong Province.

The University has been actively involved in conducting academic and scientific research in order to improve teaching quality and has gained substantial results. The institute now has one Key Laboratory jointly-built by the Ministry of Education and Shandong Province, three Provincial Key Laboratories, four Provincial Key Disciplines, five Provincial Engineering Technological Center co-built by local enterprises, and thirty-eight University Research Centers. Since 2001, the institute has undertaken 38 national subjects from the National Science Key Project Programs and National Natural Science Fund, and 120 provincial subjects. Also, we have gained 3 National Science and Technology Progress Awards, the National Science and 2 Technological Awards nominated by the Ministry of Education, 67 provincial awards, and 34 patents. Meanwhile, over 3, 000 theses have been published in academic journals both at home and abroad, among which 475 are collected by SCI, EI, and ISTP.

The university ranked the 22nd (38th in 2005) place, in the Ranking List of Higher Education Institutions Winning the 2006 National Science and Technology Programs issued by the Science and Technology Development Center of Ministry of Education. In the Assessment Report on the Education of Post-graduates in China from 2006 to 2007, written by Professor Qiu Junping, the A subject of our institute, namely the light industry technology and engineering subject, ranked the fourth place nationwide, and the pulp and paper-making ranked the third.

The University established Shandong Higher Education Development Committee of Light Industry with over one hundred light industry enterprises in Shandong province, actively probing the new educational mode of school education, production and research.

Through the relentless and sustained efforts of the University, it has contributed a lot and will contribute a great deal more to the economic development and social progress of Shandong province as well as the whole nation.