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1. Faculty and Staff

Teaching Staff: 
Professional Teachers: 1,139
Professors or Associate Professors: 520Associate Professors: 296
Members of Chinese Academy:3

Mount Tai Chair Professor: 3

Experts Enjoying Special Allowance of the State Council: 14
National or Provincial Excellent Teachers: 16 
Candidates of the National New Century Millions of Talents Project: 4 
Candidate of New Century Talents Project of the Ministry of Education: 3 
Middle-aged Experts with Special Contributions of Shandong province: 10
Provincially Excellent Teachers: 4

Undergraduate Programs: 54
Master's Degree Programs: 56
First-level Master's Degree Programs: 9


2. Number of Students

Full-time Undergraduate Students: 20,682
Full-time Postgraduate Students: 722

3. Laboratories, Key Laboratories, Research Centers, Bases for Graduate Practice and Achievements

Laboratories: 58
Key Laboratory Co-built by Shandong Province and the Ministry of Education: 1
Provincial Key Laboratories: 7

Provincial Key Subjects: 4
Provincial Engineering Technological Center Co-built by Local Enterprises: 8


4. Infrastructural Facilities

The University covers an area of 1,441,600 square meters with a floor space of 642,100 square meters, including 264, 600 square meters of teaching and administrative area, and 152,900 square meters for students' accommodation. The total value of equipment assets is RMB 1.338 billion Yuan, within which apparatus and facilities for teaching and research is worth RMB 149.6546 million Yuan. The library has a collection of 1,860,000 books and 1,200,000 e-books. The total area of sports field is 75,700 square meters with sufficient facilities for physical training.