Undergraduate Programmes
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Specialties of Undergraduate Programmes

    Material Processing and Control
    Industry Design
    Process Equipments and Control Engineering

    Electronic Information Engineering
    Communication Engineering
    Electrical Engineering and Automation
    Information Science and Technology
    Chemical Engineering and Technology
    Applied Chemistry
    Pharmaceutical Engineering
    Pharmaceutical Preparation Engineering
    Light Industry Engineering
    Environment Engineering
    Printing Engineering
    Environment Science (Pulp and Paper-making)
    Environment Science (Leather Chemistry Engineering)
    Forestry Chemistry
    Inorganic Nonmetal Material Engineering
    Polymer Materials Science & Engineering
    Material Chemistry
    Material Physics
    Food Science and Engineering
    Food Quality and Safety

    International Economy and Trade
    Information Management and Information System
    Financial Management
    Human Resources Management
    International Economy and Trade (Diploma Program)

    Art Design (Visual Communication Design)
    Art Design (Environment Art Design)
    Art Design (Exhibit Design)
    Art Design (Decoration Art Design)
    Industry Design
    Garment Design and Engineering (Garment Design and Engineering oriented)
    Garment Design and Engineering (Performance and Style-Design oriented)

    Administration of Public Affairs
    Administration Management

    Information and Computing Science
    Optical Information Science and Technology

    Vocational Technology
    Department of Information Science and Technology
    Department of Mechanical Design & Manufacture and Automation
    Financial Administration and Affairs
    Financial Insurance
    Investment and Financing
    Legal Affairs
    Information Technology

    Mechanical Design & Manufacture (Diploma Program)
    Electronic Information Engineering (Diploma Program)