Our school students won the second prize of the 8th National College Students Mechanical Innovation Design Competition


Our school students won the second prize of the 8th National College Students Mechanical Innovation Design Competition




Published time: 2018-08-23 Author: Qiao Jinwei Source: School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering Editor: Yu Xiaoqin




Recently, the final of the 8th National College Students' Mechanical Innovation Design Competition ended successfully at  Pingfeng Campus in Zhejiang University of Technology . After several rounds of competition, Wang Zhuangzhuang, Zhou Tao, Zhang Xinqiang, Li Tengfei, Wang Xiaolong and other students, under the guidance of the teachers, Wang Fei and Qiao Jinyu, of the School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering of our school have completed the entry “A Flexible and Anti-Invasive Apple Assisted Picking Machine”, which has finally won the second prize of the nation and has achieved a new breakthrough in the national award of college students in mechanical innovation design.



本次大赛以 “关注民生、美好家园的主题,参赛内容为解决城市小区中家庭用车停车难问题的小型停车机械装置的设计与制作及辅助人工采摘包括苹果、柑桔、草莓等10种水果的小型机械装置或工具的设计与制作。自20173月正式启动至今,共吸引了来自浙江大学、哈尔滨工业大学、天津大学、华中科技大学、吉林大学等30个省703所高校的5276支队伍参赛,参与涉及学生人数达十万余人,参加高校数、参赛作品数和参赛人数均为历届之最。经过全国各省、市自治区的预赛和决赛第一阶段评审,共有113所高校的181件进入决赛第二阶段。

The theme of this competition is “focusing on people's livelihood and beautiful homeland”. The content of the competition is to design and manufacture small parking machinery that solves the problem of parking for family vehicles in urban communities, and small mechanical devices or tools for assistance in manual picking of 10 kinds of fruits including apple, citrus, strawberry and so on. Since its official launch in March 2017, it has attracted 5,276 teams from 703 colleges and universities in 30 provinces including Zhejiang University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Tianjin University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and Jilin University. The number of students involved has reached more than 100,000 people, the number of colleges and universities, the entries and the participants are the highest record among all previous ever. After the first stage of the preliminaries and finals of various provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in domestic, a total of 181 entries in 113 universities entered the second stage of the finals.




The National College Student Mechanical Innovation Design Competition is held every two years and is one of the most influential college student competitions in China. The competition aims to guide colleges and universities to focus on cultivating college students' innovative design awareness, comprehensive design ability and teamwork spirit; strengthen the cultivation of students' practical ability and engineering practice training, and improve students’ abilities of innovative thinking, mechanical design and production according to actual needs; promote the transfer and transformation of mechanical design results; attract and encourage students to participate in extracurricular science and technology activities, to open up conditions for outstanding talents to stand out.