2018 IBSF World Youth Snooker Championships completed successfully at QLUT


2018 IBSF World Youth Snooker Championships completed successfully at QLUT (SADS)


Release time: 07/12/2018


Author: Ma Tiejun


Source: Propaganda Department (United Front Department)


Editor: Yu Xiaoqin


The closing ceremony of 2018 IBSF World Youth Snooker Championship was held at the Art Center of Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences) on July 11.


IBSF President Mr. Mubarak Al Khayarin, Vice Secretary-General of CBSA Mr. Tang Xu,  President of QLUT (SADS) Mr. Chen Jiachuan, Vice President Mr. Zhou Youbo and other leaders attended the closing ceremony and presented awards to winners in the game.


IBSF president Kayalin delivered a speech and highly praised the organizing and venue facilities. He mentioned that he was satisfied with the services provided by QLUT (SADS) in terms of volunteers, Internet, security and logistics support and so forth.


The game lasted for 9 days. In U21 group, Wu Yize, a Chinese player, won the Men’s U21 championship. In Women's U21 group, Bai Yulu, a Chinese player, won the runner-up.


Moreover, the Chinese team took the top four in Men's U18 group. Men's U18 champion, He Guoqiang, scored a single shot with a full mark of 147 points in the U21 group.


This is the first time for Shandong to hold the IBSF World Youth Snooker Championship, and also the first time for Spring City, Jinan to host the A-level international game in recent years.


The IBSF World Youth Snooker Championship was founded in 1987. Famous snooker players like O'Sullivan, Alberton, Dahdi, Ding Junhui and Liang Wenbo, they all have won the Championship in this game.