Professor Ada Yonath, Winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2009, Came to the University for Academic Exchanges


Professor Ada Yonath, Winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2009, Came to the University for Academic Exchanges

On the afternoon of September 28th, the 2009 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, 79-year-old Israeli female scientist Professor Ada Yonath was invited to give an academic report that entitled “How I become a scientist” in the lecture hall of the Western District of the Academy of Sciences. Zhang Zhuxiu, director of the Provincial Foreign Experts Bureau, gave a welcome speech and Vice President Liu Mengde (associate dean) attended the report. The report was hosted by Yang Hetong, Director of the International Cooperation Office. More than 200 teachers, researchers and graduate representatives from the school were present to listen.

In the report, Professor Yonath introduced his research history and achievements in the field of ribosome structure analysis and ribosome structure research and design of antibiotics, which enabled the audience to get close to the charm of high-level academic research and expand the research ideas of teachers and students' horizons. In the questioning stage of the report, many teachers and students discussed with Professor Yonath on the research methods, the ideas of the topics, and the growth of researchers. After the report, the teaching and research personnel from the Chemical Engineering Institute, Supercomputer Center, Analytical Testing Center and other departments and units conducted further exchanges with Professor Yonath to introduce the research situation, research focus and potential cooperation in the relevant fields of the schoolresearch focus and potential cooperation points. Professor Yonath gave valuable comments and suggestions on the relevant research.

Prof. Ada Yonath was born in Jerusalem in 1939 and is dedicated to the study of the structure of the cell factory, the ribosome. In 2000 she discovered the structure of two ribosomal subunits, an achievement that was ranked by the top scientific journal as the most important scientific advancement of the year. In 2006, Adajunas and Georg Feier received the Wolff Chemistry Prize for their outstanding achievements in the field of ribosome protein synthesis, photoreaction in photosynthesis; 2008 was awarded by L'Oréal-UNESCO World Outstanding Female Scientist Achievement Award; in 2009, Professor Ada Yonath and the British Professor Venkatraman Ramakrishnan and Professor Thomas Steitz of the United States jointly won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for research on the structure and function of ribosome. In 2009, she won the 2009 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his pioneering research involving ribosome structure.