Ukrainian Expert Professor Varlamov Gave a Report to the Freshmen of Our School


Ukrainian Expert Professor Varlamov Gave a Report to the Freshmen of Our School


  On September 27th, Professor Gennadii Varlomv, the director of the Theoretical Department and Industrial Thermal Energy in Ukrainian National Technical University, was invited by the College of Energy and Power Engineering and gave a report on the NewEnergy Ecological Paradigm to the freshmen. Some professional technicians of the Energy Institute and all the teachers and students of the Energy and Power Engineering College participated in the report meeting.

    Professor Varlamov explained the basic knowledge system of energy science, the status quo and existing problems of energy supply, the relationship between energy and ecology, and the trend of new energy. He particularly emphasized the responsibility of energy workers and encouraged the students. He said that because you have chosen this special industry, you must use your own hands to hold up the future of the earth. Professor Varlamov's report was concise and inspiring, stimulating the learning enthusiasm of the students. The students fully interacted with the experts on the development direction of new energy, the employment prospects of energy majors, and the speed relationship between energy development and use. The students’ lively and eager attitude also left a deep impression on the experts.

  After the report, Vice President (associate dean) of the university Ren Min met with Professor Varlamov. He listened to Professor Varlamov's work report at the Energy Research Institute and conducted in-depth discussions on scientific research and personnel training in the Ukrainian National Technical University.

  Regularly holding expert report meetings is an important measure for the School of Energy and Power Engineering to promote the integration of science and education and improve the overall quality of students. In the next step, the college will deepen the implementation of the active elite talent cultivation project, gather all resources, improve the scientific literacy and practical ability of college students, and cultivate advanced research and application talents that meet the requirements of the rapid development of the national energy field.

Professor Gennadii Varlomv, the director of the Theoretical department and Industrial Thermal Engineering at the National Technical University of Ukraine and director of the Center for Eco-Technology and Energy Science and Technology, won the Ukrainian National Science and Technology Award, and the outstanding scientific and technological workers in Ukraine, and acquired the Polish Power Engineer Science and Technology Association Gold Medal and other honors. In 2017, he was hired as a special expert for the Shandong Provincial Specialized Biennial Project Team Project (WST2017001); In 2018, he was awarded the title of Special Foreign Expert of Shandong Provincial Government.