Our School Participated in the 13th International Conference on Design and Manufacturing Frontiers



   From August 15 to 17, the 13th International Conference on Design and Manufacturing (ICFDM2018), hosted by Shandong University and co-organized by Jinan University and Qilu University of Technology (SDAS), was held in Jinan. Party Secretary Wang Yinglong attended the closing ceremony as the vice chairman of the conference and delivered a speech. The School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering of our school participated in organizing related conference activities, and some teachers attended the conference and presented the research results.

    On the morning of August 16, the meeting officially opened. Chairman of the ICFDM Conference, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor Guo Dongming, President of Dalian University of Technology, Vice Chairman of the ICFDM Management Committee, Executive Vice President of the China Mechanical Engineering Society Professor Zhang Yanmin, Vice Chairman of the ICFDM Management Committee, Professor Ni Jun, Director of the Wu Xianming Foundation Center, University of Michigan, USA Guo Xinli, secretary of the Party Committee of Shandong University, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. The opening ceremony was hosted by Professor Shao Xinyu, Chairman of the ICFDM Management Committee and Secretary of the Party Committee of Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

    In his speech, Wang Yinglong expressed his sincere gratitude to the experts and representatives attending the conference, and highlighted the progress of the integration of science and education in Qilu University of Technology (SDAS) and the implementation of new and old kinetic energy conversion projects in Shandong Province. An important role played in the process. Wang Yinglong hopes that everyone will continue to care about and support the construction and development of schools (SDAS) and care about the construction and development of mechanical engineering disciplines.

    The theme of the conference was “Basic, Frontier, Exploration, Innovation”. During the two-day conference, four conference report experts, 20 invited report experts, and two salon report experts shared the latest research progress in the field of design and manufacturing science. Academician Lu Bingheng and Academician Yang Huayong presided over the report of the conference. 45 national natural science fund excellent project reports, 30 conference papers and nearly 200 National Natural Science Foundation project results wall reports reflect main research results by field, from the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia and China Nearly a thousand experts and scholars at home and abroad attended the meeting. The conference also carried out excellent fund project and excellent paper selection.

    On the afternoon of August 17, the meeting was successfully concluded. After reviewing and voting by the conference review panel, 10 excellent papers were selected. The Engineering Science Division II (Mechanical Engineering Discipline) organized relevant experts and selected 10 outstanding project projects. Academician Lu Bingheng and director Lai Yinan read out the list of outstanding paper awards and the list of outstanding projects. The ICFDM Conference Outstanding Contribution Award and the Outstanding Organization Award were also presented.

   The International Conference on Design and Manufacturing Frontiers (ICFDM) was a series of international academic conferences jointly sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the American Wu Xianming Foundation in 1994. It is held every two years. The conference aims to strengthen the academic exchanges and cooperation between scholars at home and abroad, and jointly promote the development of scientific research in the field of design and manufacturing. It is recognized as a high-level international conference with great influence in the field of mechanical design and manufacturing. It is also a national natural science showing mechanical engineering disciplines. It is also an important platform for the fund's outstanding project results and the latest developments in basic research.