Regulations on International Student Accommodation Management


1.The International Student Apartment is a designated accommodation place for the students of our school. All international students enrolled in our school are arranged in the International Student Apartment. In order to better protect the personal and property safety of international students in China, students are not allowed to stay outside the school if there is a remaining bed in the international student apartment.

2.International student apartment check-in procedure: International students will go to the International Cooperation Office (College of International Education) to register and register. After registration, they will go to the apartment management office to go through the accommodation procedures, receive and read the "Regulations for the Management of International Students' Apartments" and other explanatory materials, after paying the accommodation fee and deposit, go to the room to check the various items, if you have any questions, please contact the administrator. You can receive your room key to start your check-in after you have signed and confirmed your check-in.

3.Students should follow the arrangement of the accommodation coordinator without complaints. The room should not be transferred, subleased, exchanged to others. No other person is allowed to lodge in or stay overnight in the room. Any student is prohibited to engage in illegal activities in dormitory. Those who transfer or exchange the room to others without the permission from the International Cooperation Office (College of International Education), which also results in that their room number is different from the address registered in college management system and visa system, they will accordingly receive a written warning sanction. Those who are engaged in illegal activities in dormitory shall receive a deferred suspension or expulsion.

4.The rest time in dormitory is pm 12:00-2:00, pm 11:00-am 7:00. All students are required to keep quiet and are not allowed to conduct activities affecting others, such as dancing, speaking loudly, and playing music or musical instruments loudly and so on. These violations will result in oral warning and other penalty before pm 11 and oral warning for the first time. These violations will be defined RMB 1000 and deferred suspension or expulsion for the second time after pm 11:00.

5.The dormitory entrance is secured by electronic lock at pm 11:00. After locking, you can call the duty room to open the door when you are in a hurry. Climbing or jumping through the window is prohibited. In this case the student will receive an oral warning for the first time, and be defined RMB 1000 and deferred suspension or expulsion for the second time. If this conduct resulted in bad effect, the student would be investigated for criminal responsibility by public security office.

6. Keep the inside and outside of the apartment clean and maintain the smooth flow of the corridor. It is forbidden to throw all kinds of waste products outside the window and downstairs, and not to raise animals such as poultry and livestock. Otherwise, give written warning to the above punishment. When students stay in the apartment, they are responsible for the sanitary cleaning of their rooms.

7.Intentional damage, dismantle, retrofit to the furniture and equipment in to rooms or public area is prohibited. Students should pay the loss or damage to the dormitory property. The payment shall be limited to the actual cost of repair or replacement of such property. Where responsibility cannot be attributed to a particular student, all students having access to that room or area within the hall of residence will be deemed to be equally responsible. The bedding not included in the compensation list, which contains quilt, puff, sheet, blanket, pillow and pillowslip. Natural losses of/or damage to the property could be reported to the front desk for repair or replacement. Students are required to hand in all the property in the room before graduation(finished). Students shall allow the accommodation staff or duly authorized person to access their rooms, undertaking regular maintenance or occupancy status inspections at all reasonable hours of the daytime or at any time during an emergency or when a breach of Regulations is suspected. Confrontational behaviors, including foul language, towards a member of the College or accommodation staff could result in oral warning and other disciplinary sanction.

8.Be aware of the safety of electricity and pay attention to save power and water. Disorderly wiring, retrofitting the switch box and fire hose reel is prohibited. When it happens, the students will receive an oral warning for the first time, and deferred suspension or expulsion for the second time. Be aware of fire. It’s prohibited to store and use high-power electrical appliances (over 1000W) in rooms. Once found, they will be confiscated and stay in school to check the above punishments.

9. Students are required to check out on the expiration date. Otherwise, they will be charged for full accommodation fee as continuous residence. If a student wants to prolong the residence period, they are required to submit the application to the International Office (College of International Education). The resident period is accounted from the date checking in to the date checking out. If a student does not check out during the winter or summer holidays, they are recognized as using the room and are required to pay the fee. Students shall pay attention to "Payment Notice", and prepay accommodation fee ahead of time. If the students fail to pay for accommodation in time, the supply of water and electricity will be cut off immediately, and the door card will be locked.

10.Students should pay the accommodation fee by semester or accommodation period in a single payment on the checking in day. Students experiencing difficulty in the payment must apply for delayed payment or monthly payment from the International Office (College of International Education). Students whose period of residence is between one and two weeks will be charged on a fortnight basis, between two and four weeks on a monthly basis.

11.Money, valuable properties should be kept carefully. Students are required to lock the door when they are out of the room and keep the key card carefully without transferring it to others.

12.Visitors to international student dormitory should register at the duty room before meeting the students and inform the front desk of leaving. Visitors without valid ID are prohibited to enter the dormitory. The person on duty will call campus police if the visitors enter the dormitory without registration. Visitors must leave before 23:00. Staying overnight in the international student dormitory is forbidden, which leads to the investigation from campus police.

13. No smoking is allowed in the dormitory building, in case of a written warning and the above disciplinary action. Drinking is prohibited. If drinking is caused improperly, a fine of RMB 1000 will be found. Some drugs are banned in China. If found, they will be fined, arrested and expelled by the Chinese government.

14.Students are required to pay a fine within two days of receiving the written penalty notice. Those who do not pay and postpone the payment will not be allowed to take the final exam.

15.Students are not allowed to preach or hold religious activities in international student dormitory.

16.Other unfinished matters refer to the relevant laws and regulations of the school. In the event of a dispute or misunderstanding caused by a language barrier, the Chinese version shall prevail.

Emergency Call: 89631110

Fire Department’s Telephone: 119

Medical Emergency Center: 120