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1.School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering
-Department of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
-Department of Mechanical Manufacturing
-Department of Automotive Engineering
-Department of Material Processing
-Department of Industrial Design

2.School of Electrical Engineering and Automation
-Department of Automation
-Department of Electronic Engineering
-Department of Electrical Engineering
-Research Institute of Automation
-Research Institute of Machine Vision and Information Processing

3.Faculty of Light Industry
①School of Paper-making and Botanical Resources Engineering
-Department of Pulp and Paper-making Engineering
-Department of Forest Product Chemical Engineering
②School of Bio-engineering
-Department of Bio-technology
-Department of Bio-engineering
-Department of Wine-making Engineering
③School of Leather Chemistry and Engineering
-Department of Leather Chemistry Engineering
④School of Printing and Packaging Engineering
-Department of Printing Engineering
-Department of Packaging Engineering
⑤School of Food Science and Engineering
-Department of Food Science Engineering
⑥School of Environmental Science and Engineering
-Department of Environmental Science
-Department of Environmental Engineering
-Research Institute of Environmental Chemistry

4.School of Business
-Department of Marketing
-Department of International Commerce
-Department of Human Resources Management
-Department of Finance Management

5.School of Art
-Department of Visual Identity
-Department of Environmental Art
-Department of Industrial Design
-Department of Fashion Design
-Department of Photography

6.School of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Engineering
-Department of Chemistry
-Department of Chemical Engineering and Pharmaceutical
-Department of Applied Chemistry and Leather Engineering

7.School of Material Science and Engineering
-Department of Inorganic Non-metal Material Engineering
-Department of High Polymer Material Engineering
-Department of Material Physics and Chemistry

8.School of Information Science
-Department of Internet of Things Engineering
-Department of Information Science and Technology

9.School of Literature and Law
-Department of Advertisement and Communication
-Department of Public Administration

10.School of Foreign Languages
-Department of English
-Department of Japanese
-Department of Korean

11.School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences
-Department of Information and Computing Sciences
-Department of Photo-electricity Information
-Department of Electronic Information
-Department of Applied Statistics
-Research Institute of Photo-electricity Application
-Research Institute of Applied Mathematics

12.School of Finance
-Department of Finance
-Department of Corporate Finance
-Department of Internet Finance
-Department of International Economy and Trade

13.School of Sports and Cultural Industry
-Department of Cultural Industry Management

14.School of Adult Education