The 2018 IBSF World Youth Snooker Championship was Grandly Opened in Qilu University of Technology (SDAS)


    On the afternoon of July 3, the 2018 IBSF World Youth Snooker Championship was grandly opened at the Qilu University of Technology (SDAS) Changqing Campus Art Center. This is the first A-level international event held in Jinan in recent years.

    Xiu Zhentao, Chairman of the Shandong Small Ball Federation, Liu Chunsheng, Deputy Secretary General of the China Billiards Association, James Lisi, Vice President of the International Billy and Snooker Association, and Chen Jiachuan, President (Dean) of Qilu University of Technology (SDAS) Vice President (Deputy Dean) Ma Wencai, Zhang Zhizhen, Deputy Chairman of the Jinan Municipal Committee of the Chinese Zhi Gong Dang, Yuan Zhenzhou, Deputy Secretary General of the China Yellow River Economic Development Research Association, Liu Wei, Director of the China Billiards Association Youth Development Committee, Guangdong Nanhai Shendi Sports Equipment Luo Peiming, Marketing Director of the company, Yuan Honglin, Chairman of Jinan Maimai Sports Industry limited liability company, and other media attended the opening ceremony.

    The opening ceremony kicked off in a warm, cheerful and youthful cheerleading performance. The famous guqin performance artist Mao Yi played the classic track Flowing Water lively, the sound of the piano is so far and far away, like a scorpio; the erhu sizzling horse horse galloping, sometimes bold and unrestrained, sometimes melodious. The female solo Holiday Song, the male chorus what makes you beautiful, and the men and women duet Drinking Song make the atmosphere more intense. The Chinese style of the opening ceremony is beautiful and beautiful. Each note conveys the profoundness of Chinese traditional culture to the players and guests from all over the world.

    Chen Jiachuan gave a welcome speech at the opening ceremony. On behalf of Qilu University of Technology (SDAS), he extended a warm welcome to all the guests and all the participants who attended the opening ceremony and expressed his heartfelt congratulations on the success of the competition. He briefly introduced the development of science and education in Qilu University of Technology (SDAS). The current school is building its goals in accordance with the “first-class domestic and internationally important applied research universities”to comprehensively strengthen the connotation construction and “double-class construction”. The scientific research platform has made major breakthroughs, the number of high-level people has continued to increase, the level of teaching and research has continued to increase, and various undertakings have achieved new developments and new leapfrogging. He said that the 2018 World Youth Snooker Championship was settled in Qilu University of Technology (SDAS), which is the perfect combination of university, youth and sports. It is also the perfect combination of the Olympic spirit and the university spirit of “faster, higher and stronger”. He said that as the host, Qilu University of Technology (SDAS) would be carefully organized and carefully deployed, with a rigorous and meticulous work style, warm and caring service to open up a first-class event environment, and strive to provide the best quality service, truly make this event a once high quality, high level sports event. Finally, Chen Jiachuan wished the 2018IBSF World Youth Snooker Championship a complete success and wished the athletes from all countries and regions to achieve outstanding results.

     Yuan honglin, James Lisi and Liu Chunsheng delivered speeches at the opening ceremony. Xiu Zhentao, Ma Wencai, Zhang Yuanzhang and Yuan Zhenzhou jointly kicked off the Snooker Championship and pushed the opening ceremony to a climax.

    The 2018 IBSF World Youth Snooker Championship, a world-class snooker event, is supported and directed by the China Billiards Association (CBSA) and the International Billy and Snooker Association (IBSF), co-hosted by Jinan Maimai Sports Industry Co., Ltd. and Qilu University of Technology (SDAS).

    There are three major groups in this competition. According to the schedule, from July 3 to 6, the men's U18 group will be the first to play; July 7-11 will be the men's U21 and women's U21 group match days. As the host, a total of 17 players from China participated in all competitions, including He Guoqiang, who ranked first among the non-professional players in the China Youth Championship, Pang Junxu, who played in the World Youth Championship for two consecutive years, and women's players Bai Yulu and Xia Yuqi. In the next 9 days, all the players will debut and attack the champions of the three groups.