Qilu University of Technology began its undergraduate education in 1978. After 40 years of development, the level of education and teaching has achieved remarkable results. By the year 2018, there were 75 undergraduate majors, including one comprehensive pilot reform major of the Ministry of Education, four national-level brand specialties, and 10 provincial-level brand-specific majors. It was selected as the province's “Excellent Engineer Education Training Program” specialty. . It covers 8 categories, including engineering, science, literature, economics, management, law, medicine, and arts, including 40 engineering majors, and has formed a comprehensive university subject system that focuses on engineering and multidisciplinary development. There are more than 26,000 undergraduate students.


The school adheres to the “Establish morality and integrity” as its fundamental orientation, and firmly establishes that talent cultivation is the fundamental task, quality is the lifeline, and teaching is the concept of central work. It actively promotes teaching reforms, strengthens professional construction and curriculum construction, and attaches great importance to students’ ability to innovate. The cultivation of entrepreneurial ability, the quality of education and teaching, and the ability of students to practice and innovate continue to increase. In 2012, the school became the first batch of application-type personnel training programs in Shandong Province. In the past 70 years since its founding, the university has trained a large number of high-quality talents for the country and society, and has been rated by the mainstream media as one of the ten “most social reputation schools in Shandong Province” and “the most competitively competitive undergraduate college in Shandong Province”.


The school adheres to the strategy of strengthening schools through talents. The school currently has more than 4,100 faculty and staff, more than 1,100 senior professional and technical personnel, 37 doctoral tutors, and more than 600 master tutors, and has built a consistent structure of dynamic teachers with noble morality and professionalism.


In recent years, the school has carried out a series of reforms in personnel training mode, teaching content, teaching methods and teaching management, and has achieved series of achievements and good results. A variety of talents training models such as the Morality and wisdom Double Credit System, school-enterprise cooperation, and international cooperation in running schools were constructed. Strengthen curriculum construction, expand curriculum resources, give full play to the leading role of premium courses and high quality courses, and actively promote the sharing of curriculum resources. There are 1 state-level excellent courses, 33 provincial-quality courses, 110 excellent courses, and 90 bilingual courses. At the same time, it signed a cooperation agreement with the smart tree network course sharing platform to participate in the high school curriculum sharing alliance of Shandong colleges of higher learning; it has introduced advanced online course resources such as Superstar Erya, the Tree of Excellence, and the trial of Hui Ke education.


The school attaches great importance to practical teaching and continuously perfects the gradual experiment + professional practice + comprehensive training + innovation and entrepreneurship training progressively practice teaching system , the concept of practice education throughout the entire process of education and teaching projects, and actively promote the combination between the theoretical teaching and practical teaching.The integration of teaching and practical teaching has effectively guaranteed the quality of practical teaching.


The school pays attention to the construction of teaching information, builds a unified digital campus system, and establishes an open public service platform for information resources. The educational administration system implements standardized and meticulous network management in teaching plans, curriculum management, student status management, elective courses, student achievement, examination management, etc.; online teaching platform implements docking, online and offline mixed teaching; built standardized examination room system It has realized the comprehensive monitoring of classroom teaching, student attendance, and examination discipline, and further improved the information management level of teaching management.


The school attaches importance to the construction of a teaching quality assurance system, and constantly improves the teaching quality assurance system of “focusing on personnel training goals, building quality standards for each teaching link, carrying out information collection and analysis, conducting evaluation and diagnosis, and completion of information feedback and regulation”. Supervision of teaching activities has effectively ensured the quality of teaching.