Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences) now has 7 School of Business Administration, School of Arts and Management, Marxist College, College of Political Science and Law, College of Foreign Languages, School of Finance, and College of Sports and Cultural Industries.


The school attaches great importance to the development and prosperity of the humanities and social sciences, and the humanities and social sciences have made great progress. The school has three provincial-level scientific research platforms and “Design Arts” and “Culture Communication” of “Qilu Cultural Product Innovation Research Center” and “Shandong Province Internet Finance Engineering Technology Research Center” with “Industrial Technology Economy and Regional Green Development Research Base”. Two key disciplines of culture and art in Shandong Province, together with relevant departments and units of the provincial government, “Shandong Province Science and Technology Finance Research Center” and “Shandong Internet Economy Research Institute”, “Collaborative Technology and Economic Innovation Center of Light Industry Industry” and “Clothing Smart Manufacturing Collaborative Innovation CenterChina Small and Medium Micro Business Management Research Center and other university research institutes.


In the past five years, the school has undertaken 459 projects including the National Social Science Fund Project, the Humanities and Social Sciences Research Project of the Ministry of Education, the Shandong Provincial Social Science Planning Project, and the Shandong Province Soft Science Research Project, with funding of over 5 million yuan; More than 700 articles, of which CSSCI source journal articles 116; published academic works 78; won all kinds of humanities and social sciences awards 63, of which Shandong Province Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award, Taishan Literary Award 16; in place social service project funding more than 1,200 million.