Under the leadership of the school party committee and the administration, under the leadership of the school party committee and the administrative department, the Student Work Dept. and Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thinking of the “Three Represents” and the scientific concept of development guided the implementation of the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s series of important speeches. “Everybody” is the orientation, with the fundamental goal of the students’ growth and development, and strengthening and improving ideological and political education as the focal point, advancing the education supply-side reform, implementing the education, scientific research, practice, and culture as a unity educating mechanism and improving the education level. And management of service quality, comprehensively promote the growth of college students.


Strengthen the construction of teams and promote the professional development of students' ideological and political profession. Cooperate with the introduction and training of counselors to implement a graded management and assessment mechanism for counselors; improve and perfect the work system for the recruitment and appraisal of professional and technical titles for full-time students’ ideological and political education; support academic staff in conducting theoretical studies and research in light of actual work and form a communication belt for team development mechanism.


Strengthen ideological guidance and cultural influence and advocate core values. Taking curriculum as the starting point, advancing thematic education and strengthening students’ ideological guidance; carrying out the construction of a centralized campus and the promotion of legal school rules; building an online mental health education platform and carrying out quality development activities; standardizing safety order; advocating civilized behavior; and grooming psychological problems To carry out campus cultural exquisite construction activities, support traditional cultural studies and inheritance projects, and use traditional culture and Qilu culture to preserve Qilu University of Technology campus culture.


Strengthen the style of study and form a good learning atmosphere in the whole school.We will introduce measures for the management of academic conduct, establish a regular attendance system for counselors, and implement the management of morning exercises, evening self-study and attendance in class. To carry out the commendation work of excellent academic style class and outstanding individual; In combination with the academic guidance system, a standardized and scientific system of academic guidance and service is formed for students.


    Strictly implement the state funding policy and improve the guarantee security system. We will do a fair job in basic certification and distribution, strengthen the implementation of policies and the inspection and supervision of process results; precision poverty alleviation, increase visits to impoverished students, establish and improve the management of impoverished student groups and self-motivated mechanisms; promote students such as love supermarketsas the main body, the formation and operation of the new forms of funding with the dedication and rewards as the main line; encourage social education resources to enter the campus and promote the expansion of funding resources.


    We will actively implement the Action Plan for College Students to Improve Employment Capability and Climb New Heights to improve the quality of student employment. The students' career development and employment guidance are integrated throughout the entire personnel training system; the employment information platform is promoted, and a new system of Internet + employment management + employment guidance + employment recruitment + employment evaluationis constructed. To open up the job market, improve the information database of employers, and establish a monitoring mechanism and tracking system for graduates' career development.


     Based on work to innovate and promote brand building. The school will promote the reform of the dual credit system training model, enrich and improve the overall quality training and evaluation mechanism, and comprehensively upgrade the quality of college students. The school will strengthen the typical excavation and tree-planting work, and open up benchmark student groups such as university graduates instructors group, instructors demonstration group, and Chinese Studies class, and play a leading role; improve the new six artsnational defense education system and the binarycultural construction of apartments. The school will  improve the level and connotation of students' education and management;  advance the three-level collaborative education research mechanism and the construction of easy classes;  build an incubator base for the innovation of ideological and political education for undergraduates; a platform for dissemination of mainstream culture; and a new height for the study of university education management theory.


     The student work department (department), the Ministry of armed forces has the education management section, employment guidance center, psychological counseling center, student management center, apartment management section five division-level units.


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