There are currently 2005 full-time full-time teachers, 946 high-level professional and technical staff, and 1002 doctoral degree students, accounting for 48.92% of full-time teachers. 92.37% of full-time teachers account for masters degree or above. Currently, there are 7 double-employed academicians (overseas), 7 experts for the Thousand Talents Program, 2 experts for the 10,000-person plan, and 4 candidates for the National New Talent Project. The country has made outstanding contributions. There are 1 young and middle-aged expert, 1 expert from the central government, 1 national outstanding scientific and technical worker, 1 expert from the Taishan scholars’ climbing plan, 17 from the Taishan scholars, 17 from the Taishan scholars abroad, 3 from the Taishan scholars, and 3 young experts. There are 3 leading talents in Taishan industry, 3 support plan candidates for “New Century Excellent Talents” of the Ministry of Education, 2 leading talents for scientific and technological innovation in middle and young people in the Ministry of Science and Technology, 32 young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions in Shandong Province, and experts in high-end think tanks in Shandong Province There are 7 people who enjoy the State Council's government special allowances for 22 people, a national teacher model for morality, 1 national excellent teacher, and 4 teachers of Shandong Province. There are 148 high-level talents at or above the provincial or ministerial level in the post.