Over the years, the school has actively implemented the requirements of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and has continuously strengthened the career planning and career guidance service system for students. Our school began to implement three shifts from the traditional focus on employment rate to the improvement of employment quality, from focusing on recommending graduates to caring for studentsgrowth, from the employment department to the simple feedback of the teaching department to the collaborative education,College Students' Employment Enhancement Climbs New Summit Action Plan, including a career counseling and counseling work platform, two sets of career development and employment guidance courses, three types of employment classification guidance activities, and six employment work goals, referred to as 1236 climbingThe plan is to build a new system of student employment ability improvement for career courses, guiding activities and individual consultation Trinity.


The College Student Career Development Studio is a special vocational counseling studio established by our school to implement the 1236 Climbing Plan. It mainly conducts self-exploration, career exploration, career planning, career orientation and decision-making, job-seeking skills improvement, job-seeking psychological adjustment. Counseling and counseling in innovation and entrepreneurship have enriched the form of career education and improved the effectiveness of career education. There are professional evaluation rooms, career group counseling rooms, career individual consultation rooms, and mock interview rooms.


A variety of classification and guidance service activities, around the graduates postgraduate study, abroad, public test, corporate employment and self-employment and other different directions, carry out classification and guidance work, hold the future of the job, the road to the public examination, there is a road to you , College Student Career Development Forum, Workplace Big Shot Sharing Meeting, Study in Studying Navigation and other activities.


Professional and professional faculty, organized TTT career planning, TTT2 employment guidance, career group counseling, senior professional instructors, GCDF, CAT, ECC and other trainings to promote the professionalization and occupation of the employment guidance faculty of our school. Nearly 60 employment instructors have qualifications such as TTT employment guidance, GCT career group counseling, and TTT career planning. Among them, there are more than 30 senior professional instructors and entrepreneurial consultants, and nearly 20 have passed the employment guidance of the National University of Education Staff system training.


The high-quality career guidance service provides a broad platform for students' self-exploration, career exploration and career planning, broadens students' professional cognition, enhances students' awareness of innovation and entrepreneurship, enriches the form of career guidance, and improves the effect of career guidance. Promote their transformation from students to professionals and enhance their employment competitiveness. School graduates have been well received by the society. Many large and medium-sized enterprises and multinational companies in and outside the province have come to recruit students. The employment rate of graduates has remained above 95% for a long time. Graduates have to go, stay, do well, and The emergence of a large number of entrepreneurs, known by the news media as light courtyard CEO phenomenon.