The Communist Youth League Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences) Committee is a mass organization of advanced youth of Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences). As the party's assistant and reserve force, it is responsible for uniting and educating young students, implementing the Partys youth work guidelines, and cultivating youth communism as well as the outstanding students backbone team, expanding the overall quality of young students, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of young people and the prosperity of campus cultural life tasks. At present, the Youth League Committee has 13 sub-committees and 784 league branches. At the same time, it guides student organizations such as student unions, student associations, youth voice communication stations, and university student art troupes.


All along, the Communist Youth League of Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences) has been under the correct leadership of the party committee and higher-level organization of the school ((Shandong Academy of Sciences), guided by Xi Jinpings socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, emancipating the mind, working hard, highlighting key points, and blazing new trails. Focusing on the schools central work, we adhere to the partys call, the group having a fine tradition of action, based on the basic mission of optimizing morality and cultivating talents , adhere to the main line of work for college studentsideological and moral construction, adhere to the working principle of serving the youths growth, and give play to the mission. The special advantages of the organization, unite and lead the broad masses of youth members to behave in a down-to-earth manner, persist in doing things, forge ahead, dare to take the lead, and continue to strengthen the group's ideological, organizational and team building. The school has been honored by the whole province and the country for many years in social practice, volunteer service, scientific and technological innovation, student associations, and campus culture. Since 2014, the school committee has won the honorary title of Red Flag Youth League Committee of Shandong Provincefor four consecutive years.


Facing the future, the Youth League Committee will continue to thoroughly study and implement the important speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinpings series of important speeches, especially on the work group meetings of the Communist Party of China. Based on maintaining and enhancing political, progressiveness, and mass character, we will actively build a one heart and one ringmission. Learn to organize a new pattern. In accordance with the four-dimensional work pattern of the Communist Youth League's in coalition with youth, serving the overall situation, being a good bridge, and managing the mission strictly, we actively adapt to the Communist Youth League's deepening reforms, new developments, and new developments in comprehensive reform of higher education and new characteristics of young students. Ideological and political leadership led this core task.The school persisted in stimulating vitality through institutional reforms, and focused on promoting organizational innovation and work innovation, and united and led the young students of the entire school to strive to grow up as qualified constructors and reliable successors of the socialist cause with Chinese characteristics in accordance with the requirements of the Party, in order to build the school (academy of sciences) as soon as possible into the domestic first-class, internationally significant application of research university dedication of youth power.


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