Party Committee Office (Office of the President of the University, Office of Legal Affairs) 

Tel89631999   18354156516   66106            

Organization Department (Party School)

Tel89631021   18354156533   66203            

Propaganda Department

Tel89631025   18354156539   66303            

United Front Work Department (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Office, Overseas Chinese Affairs Office)



Office of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, Office of Supern

Disciplinary Committee General Office, Discipline Inspection Office, and Discipline Inspection Office

Tel89631029   18354156532   66403            

Retirement Office

Tel88599192   18354156976   66507            

Student Work Department (Department), Armed Forces Department


Youth League Committee

Tel89631050   18354156570   66703            

Safety Management Office

Tel89631351   18354183016   66802            

Trade Union, Women's Committee

Tel89631057   18354156588   66902            

Personnel Department (teacher's work department)

Tel89631061   18354156596   61002

High-level Talent Work Office



Academic Affairs Office (Teaching Assessment Office, Admissions Office)

Tel89631063   18354156603   61103            

Research Office (Base Construction Office)

Tel89631623   18354156619   61206            

Graduate School (degree office, Subject Construction office)

Tel89631517   18354156629   61303            

Planning and Finance Department

Tel89631091   18354156997   61406            

Asset Management Office (Tendering and Political Mining Center)

Tel89631097   18354156967   61501            

Logistics Support

Tel89631636   18354156661   61607            

Infrastructure Office


Audit Office


Development Planning Office (Policy Research Office)

Tel89631620   18354156593   61905            

Service Local Economic Office (Alumni Work Office)

Tel89631819   18354156702   62002            

International Cooperation Office

Tel89631016   18354156633   62103    

Social Science Division

Tel89631079   18354156693   62203            

Intellectual Property Operations Management Office



Laboratory and Equipment management Office

Tel89631096   18354156736   62803