Qilu University of Technology (Shan Dong Academy of Sciences) Is Added Five New Engineering Majors


        Recently, the university (SDAS) has been approved to be added 5 new engineering disciplines, and another 1 has been approved to adjust the degree granting category.

        The five new disciplines approved this time include smart manufacturing engineering, energy chemical engineering, wine engineering, environmental and ecological engineering, and digital media art. At the same time, the Department of Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering successfully adjusted the degree awarded to engineering. This new major has optimized the professional structure setting, which is an important measure to implement the action plan for the training of first-class undergraduates, and has laid a solid foundation for the construction of first-class undergraduates.

   The university (SDAS) takes domestic first-class and internationally influential applied research universities as its development goals, and focuses on the needs of first-class undergraduate talent training. In 2019, the university (SDAS) has 6 majors approved as national first-class undergraduate professional construction sites, and 13 majors approved as provincial first-class undergraduate professional construction sites. In the next step, the university will highlight the characteristics of the integration of science and education, comprehensively improve the level of teaching and the quality of personnel training, achieve connotative development and characteristic development, and build first-class undergraduate education.