Zhang Zhuxiu, Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Conveyed Greetings to Foreign Experts


      In the afternoon of February 28, Zhang Zhuxiu, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, came to Qianfoshan Campus to visit the university (SDAS) foreign experts who insisted on working during the epidemic. Liu Yongbo, deputy secretary of the party committee, accompanied the meeting.

     At the forum, Zhang Zhuxiu first conveyed the cordial care and good wishes of the superior leadership to the representatives of foreign experts, and thanked them for their contributions to Shandong. After inquiring about the supply of epidemic prevention materials and living materials, Zhang Zhuxiu fully affirmed the epidemic prevention and control work and asked all relevant units to continue to provide services to foreign experts and solve the difficulties and problems .     Finally, on behalf of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Zhang Zhuxiu sent foreign experts personal protective equipment such as masks, disinfectants, etc., and told experts to do a good job of self-protection, arrange work and life reasonably, and achieve both epidemic prevention and control and scientific research.

       On behalf of the university, Liu Yongbo thanked the Provincial Department of Science and Technology for its long-term care and help to foreign experts. He pointed out that since the outbreak, the university (SDAS) has earnestly implemented various decision-making arrangements for epidemic prevention and control work, and solidly promoted the steady progress of the integration of science and education. The university (SDAS) attaches great importance to the prevention and control of the epidemic situation of foreign experts, and understands the expert's whereabouts, physical conditions, and living and working needs at the first time, and makes every effort to coordinate and resolve their inconveniences. Next, the university (SDAS) will further proactively do a good job in the service of foreign experts, and strive to create a more friendly and convenient working and living environment for foreign experts at university.

   Three foreign experts reported their work and living conditions since the outbreak, and on behalf of the university (SDAS) the foreign experts expressed their gratitude to the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government . With great concentration on scientific research, we will use practical actions to help Shandong win an early battle against epidemic prevention and control.

       The three foreign experts visited this time were all selected as outstanding young scientists from developing countries in the Ministry of Science and Technology to work in China and have been working in Shandong for a long time.