Cai Xianjin, Director of the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, and His Party Visited the Qilu University of Technology (Shan Dong Academy of Sciences) to Guide Foreign-related Epidemic Prevention and Control


On the afternoon of February 18, Cai Xianjin, deputy director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Province, and Chen Baiwei, deputy director, visited the Changqing Campus to visit and guide foreign-related epidemic prevention and control. Chen Jiachuan, president of the university (SDAS), and Liu Yongbo, deputy secretary of the party committee, accompanied the event. Persons in charge of the university (SDAS) office, logistics support department, international cooperation department, and the international education institute attended the activity.

Cai Xianjin asked about the current situation of enrollment and management of foreign students, and affirmed the work. He pointed out that the university (SDAS) has the advantages of disciplines and scientific research, hoping to make full use of the opportunity of integration of science and education, expand and strengthen international cooperation, and further build an influential international education cooperation platform.

In the student apartment, Cai Xianjin and his party spoke cordially with the representatives of foreign students and conveyed the care and greetings to them. He inquired carefully about the students' study life and ideological situation and brought international students with protective supplies such as masks, disinfectants, etc., which are currently in short supply. Foreign student representatives expressed their gratitude to leaders and teachers at all levels, expressing confidence in the Chinese government's victory over the epidemic. Ali, a foreign student from Pakistan, said that the university teachers treat them like family members and he likes university and China very much.

Chen Jiachuan expressed his gratitude to the Foreign Affairs Office of the Province for the care given to the international students , meanwhile said that the university (SDAS) would insist on the epidemic prevention and control and university development, and resolutely win the battle against epidemic in accordance with the requirements of the superiors, and promote foreign affairs.