Qilu University of Technology (Shan Dong Academy of Sciences) Online Teaching for the Second Semester of the 2019/2020 University Year Begins as Scheduled


On February 17, Qilu University of Technology (SDAS) officially began online courses. In this semester, QLUT (SDAS) opened a total of 1,427 compulsory courses and elective courses, involving 1,260 teachers and 227,334 students. In order to prevent and control the Novel coronavirus pneumonia, 2404 courses will be taught online, accounting for 78% of the total courses of this semester.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the online courses, QLUT (SDAS) was uniformly deployed to study and formulate the undergraduate teaching plan during the epidemic prevention and control.

Academic Affairs Office held a video conference on the first day to sort out the current online teaching organization of QLUT (SDAS) curriculum, and conducted centralized discussions and work arrangements on how to do a good job of online teaching services and teaching management during the epidemic.

Chen Jiachuan expressed his gratitude to the Foreign Affairs Office of the Province for the care given to the international students of QLUT (SDAS), meanwhile he said that QLUT (SDAS) would insist on the epidemic prevention & control and career development. We resolutely would win the battle with the requirements of the superiors, and promote foreign affairs.