Scientific Prevention of "COVID-19"


In this severe struggle for the prevention and control of the epidemic, the people of the whole country demonstrated China's strength and spirit with their own actual actions, and demonstrated the Chinese nation's feelings of helping each other in the same boat.


General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that life is heavier than Mount Tai. An epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility. As long as we have firm confidence, work together, scientific prevention, and precise measures, we will definitely be able to win the fight against epidemic prevention and control.


In order to do a good job in the prevention and control of campus epidemics, the library has carried out the epidemic is the order-the basic knowledge of the COVID-19, prevention and control is the responsibility-the scientific knowledge of the protection of college students returning to school, life is more important than Mount Tai On-line series of three aspects including the popular science of physical and mental health of college students.


As young students in the new era, we should fully understand the COVID-19, do all-round protection work, and maintain our physical and mental health.


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