Announcement on the Resumption of Business of the Teachers and Staff Restaurant on the Changqing Campus


Departments and units:


The spring semester of 2020, when students return to the university, will do a good job in the prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic for scientific standards, to ensure that teachers and students return to university to resume all work in a safe and orderly manner. For business, take the lunch box to serve meals and take and go. In order to reduce the waiting time in line, it is recommended that you take the meal at the wrong peak, and the faculty members pay for the meal with one card. Currently we cannot use WeChat and Alipay to pay. Please recharge in time (you can use the school smart financial platform mobile phone to recharge) to avoid delaying meals. Please forgive me for any inconvenience.




Department of Logistics Support


  May 19, 2020