The University (SDAS) Held A Party Committee Thematic Study on The United Front Work


On March 14, Wang Yinglong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences), who presided over the meeting of the Party Committee, and focused on research on the united front work of the school (college). The heads of the member units of the United Front Work Leading Group Office attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Liu Yongbo, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, led a study of the speech spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Central United Front Work Conference. Zhang Yigang, member of the Party Committee and head of the United Front Work Department, conveyed the spirit of the National United Front Work Ministers' Conference and the spirit of the Provincial United Front Work Ministers' Conference, and reported the ideas and initiatives to study and implement the spirit of the conference on behalf of the school (college) United Front Work Leading Group Office. The meeting also adopted the adjustment scheme of the leading organizations of the United Front Work and ethnic religious work of the school(college).

Wang Yinglong made a concluding speech.He stressed that to do a good job this year's united front work, we must focus on the following points:First, we must do a good job in implementing the spirit of the speech and fully implement the Four Necessities. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that to do a good job of united front work under the new situation, we must master the laws, adhere to principles, pay attention to methods, and the most fundamental thing is to adhere to the leadership of the party; We must be good at association and friendship; we must firmly grasp the theme of great unity and consolidation, so as to unite and lead people of all ethnic groups to work together towards the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the goal of a better life for the people.To implement the Four Necessities, we must first deepen our ideological understanding, raise our political standing, and integrate thinking and action into the spirit of our speeches. Secondly, we should learn and understand the Regulations of the Communist Party of China on the Work of the United Front, comprehensively grasp the theory and policy, and be a wise person in the work of the United Front. Third, we must comprehensively and thoroughly grasp the situation of the united front, carry out our work with a clear target, and make real results. Thirdly, we should have a comprehensive and in-depth grasp of the situation of the united front, targeted work, and really grasp the effectiveness. Secondly, we should grasp ideological and political leadership, and concentrate our efforts around the 20th Party Congress. We should closely follow the theme of welcoming the victory of the 20th Party Congress, make full use of educational resources inside and outside the school (college), and deeply carry out the theme activities of reading classics, offering good advice, pairing up and creating a brand among the United Front members and the series of United Front dedicates to the 20th Party Congress, and effectively unify the thoughts and actions of the United Front members to the spirit of the 20th Party Congress. The third is to do a good job of making contributions to the post, and organize a united front to actively offer advice and suggestions around the reform and development of the school (college).Fourth, we should grasp the work of nationalities and religions, firmly guard the bottom line of security in the field of united front. the work of nationalities and religions is an overall work. The Office of the Leading Group for Ethnic and Religious Work should make overall arrangements, focus on key points and weak links, fully implement relevant work plans in the religious field of school (college), establish a responsibility system and long-term working mechanism, consolidate responsibilities, do work in ordinary and practical ways, and ensure ideological safety in the united Front field of school (college).