Wang Yinglong, Secretary of The Party Committee of the University (SDAS), "Talks about Responsibility And Commitment" with Young Students in the "First Course on Civics"


In the spring of March, everything recovers. On March 11, Wang Yinglong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences), with the theme of excelling at the right time, and never slacking off in the future, he gave the first ideological and political course of the new semester for students of Class 2021 in the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy. 

Combining vivid cases and detailed data, Wang Yinglong gave lectures from three aspects: full of China Red; Beijing Winter Olympics demonstrates the responsibility of a big country with the posture of striving forward; full of Science and Technology Style; scientific and educational innovation enables high-quality development with a pioneering attitude; full of Fighting Strength; Chinese youth bravely undertake the mission of strengthening the country through science and technology with the potential of pursuing dreams.

This is a truly exceptional Winter Olympics. Starting from the successful hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Wang Yinglong led students to review the wonderful moments of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Olympic athletes surpassing themselves and making great achievements, showing the moving and strength brought by a more confident, open and inclusive China to the students.

We are closer to the goal of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation than at any other time in history, and we need to build a world power in science and technology more than at any other time in history! From reviewing the light of science and technology in the Beijing Winter Olympics to analyzing the future trend of global scientific and technological innovation, from China's strategic position in the global scientific and technological innovation competition to the characteristic advantages of the school (SDAS) in scientific and technological innovation, Wang Yinglong encouraged the students to cherish the dream of becoming a powerful country in science and technology, bravely shoulder the mission of becoming a powerful country in science and technology and strive to be a new force in scientific and technological innovation. Students need to consciously connect the future and destiny with the country and nation, and set an early, high, far and long ambition to make a good start and take a good step on the road of life.

Finally, Wang Yinglong put forward four expectations for the students: Firstly, they should dream of science and set their ambition to do real things; secondly, they should keep their patriotic heart and cultivate their moral character to do good things; thirdly, they should refine their skills and develop their talents to do successful things; fourthly, they should take up the heavy responsibility of the times and overcome difficulties to do great things.

After the civic science class, Song Yu of chemical and pharmaceutical class 2021 said, Secretary Wang Yinglong's first civic science class was profound and rich in connotation, and it was a golden civic science class that taught the spirit of China, the responsibility of the times, and the role of youth. As a young student in the new era, we should study the speech spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping, integrate our youthful struggle into the cause of the Party and  people, take up the mission of strengthening the country with science and technology, and strive to be a newcomer of the times who takes on the responsibility of national rejuvenation.