Duan Peiyong, president of the university, Made a Typical Speech at the Provincial TV Conference on Stabilising and Expanding Employment.


On the morning of 27th February, the province's TV conference on stabilising and expanding employment was held. Zhou Naixiang, deputy secretary of the provincial party committee and governor of the province, attended the meeting and delivered a speech, and Deng Yunfeng, vice governor, presided over the meeting. The meeting called for in-depth study and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important thesis on employment work, conscientiously implement the CPC Central Committee and State Council decision-making and deployment, in-depth implementation of the employment priority strategy, and effectively put the stabilisation and expansion of employment in a more prominent position, and make every effort to complete this year's employment goals and tasks, to ensure that the province's employment situation is stable.

Duan Peiyong, president of Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences), as the only representative of colleges and universities, made a typical speech on behalf of the university on the topic of Based on the 'three accuracies' to promote high-quality and full-employment of graduates at the main venue. Duan Peiyong pointed out in his speech that the school has always attached great importance to the employment of graduates, adhering to the principle of early, full, real and good, innovating the system and mechanism, giving full play to the advantages of the integration of science and education in running a school, and exploring a new path to promote the high quality of graduates' employment through the integration of science, education and industry.

First, deepen the precise training, to create a community of talent cultivation. First, the integration of science and education empowers the reform of education and teaching. Deeply promote the integrated development of institutions, to create a new platform for the integration of science and education driven by teaching and scientific research. Closely aligned with the top ten industries in Shandong Province, 12 new engineering majors such as artificial intelligence have been added, exploring the implementation of the industry-academia-research-use-creation integration of talent training mode, promoting in-depth cooperation between schools and enterprises, and opening up the last kilometre of talent cultivation. The last kilometre. Secondly, innovation and entrepreneurship education promotes practical education. We focus on building a five-in-one innovation and entrepreneurship education system of teaching, training, competition, practice and research. In the past three years, college students have won 498 national awards in disciplinary competitions. Thirdly, the achievements of science and technology innovation feed the cultivation of talents. We actively promote the research platform to serve undergraduate teaching, research funding to support undergraduate teaching, research equipment for undergraduate teaching, research results into teaching resources, and encourage front-line scientific research and technical personnel to supervise the practical teaching of graduation design (thesis), which provides a strong support for talent cultivation.  

Second, deepen precise guidance, and build a new path for employment education. Firstly, we comprehensively strengthened the in-depth integration of ideological education and employment work, and promoted the construction of big ideological class. We have created columns such as The First Signing and Youthful Role Model, carried out the selection of the most beautiful graduates, and comprehensively played the role of peer leadership in employment. More than 100 graduates have emerged as national model workers, National May 1st Labour Medal, Shandong Youth May 4th Pacesetters and other outstanding and exemplary figures. The second is to implement the Employment Precision Guidance Programme in depth and promote the forward movement of employment work. It has strengthened the construction of the province's Employment Gold Class and the first batch of featured career counselling rooms, comprehensively pushed forward the professional and expert construction of the career guidance team, and created the Insight Career, Career - Thinking Aloe and Resume programmes. It has built brands such as Insight Career, Career - Thinking and Sharing and Resume Clinic, and published the textbook New College Students' Career Guidance as a project of the Ministry of Education, which has provided services to teachers and students for more than 47,000 times in 2023, and has been selected as one of the excellent cases of national employment education programmes. Thirdly, the Hongzhi Help Sailing Plan has been comprehensively carried out to promote accurate employment assistance. The company was the first in the province to open the Warm Heart Helping Sailing precise guidance platform, dynamically update the help account, equip with employment mentors, and fully implement the one-to-one and many-to-one help responsibility system. It was approved as a national training base for college graduates' employability under the Hongzhi Helping Sail Programme. 

Third, deepen the accurate docking, extending the campus recruitment service chain. Firstly, strengthening the recruitment of leading enterprises. Implementing the project of 100-10 Employer Branding Union of TU, creating the Employer Branding Union of TU consisting of 100 key employers and holding 10 recruitment activities for school, land and enterprises, so as to set up a platform for accurate supply and demand docking. Secondly, it will strengthen the construction of employment bases; in 2023, it will establish in-depth cooperation with 10 cities and set up more than 200 employment and training bases, and organise more than 2,550 units to enter the university for recruitment, providing more than 100,000 jobs. Thirdly, it strengthens the function of Recruitment+. We have widely carried out six major actions such as Golden Autumn Recruitment and Warm Winter Action, set up a one-stop employment guidance service zone and a science and technology service zone, and opened a live broadcasting system with a post. The Gang channel was opened, and the whole online live broadcast was carried out simultaneously. 2023 graduates of the university graduated more than 90% of the implementation rate, won the province's employment work collective merit awards, and the employers' satisfaction with the graduates for two consecutive years exceeded 99%.

Duan Peiyong said, the next step, the school (College) will conscientiously implement the province's stabilisation and expansion of employment work of the spirit of the TV conference, give full play to the advantages of science, education and industry collaborative education, and further promote the high quality of graduates' employment and entrepreneurship, in order to serve the economic and social development of Shandong, and to promote the province's new industrialisation to provide intellectual support and talent support.