School Leaders in the Classroom Listen to the Opening of the "first lesson"


In order to improve the teaching quality control and guarantee system, and fully implement the fundamental task of Lide and people, on February 26, the leaders of Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences) and the heads of secondary departments (institutes) and functional departments went deep into the teaching line of Changqing, Heze, Caishi, Licheng and other campuses, welcoming the majority of teachers and students to return to school, and entering the classroom with teachers and students on the first class.

At 8 o 'clock in the morning, the leaders of the school and relevant departments and units in charge came to the teaching buildings of each campus to welcome the teachers and students back with a simple and warm welcome ceremony. The leaders of the school shook hands with the teachers and students, asked them in detail about their study, work and life in the new semester, and carefully listened to their opinions and suggestions on teaching work.

university (college)

UniversityPresident Duan Peiyong listened to the Advanced English course taught by Xu Jingwen, and recorded the teaching content of the teacher in detail, carefully observed the students' learning state and classroom reaction, and deeply felt the classroom atmosphere. After class, I communicate with teachers and students, listen to teachers' opinions and suggestions on teaching work, and give guidance on how to make the first class a good one.

Vice President Ma Wencai and Ren Min, Provincial Supervisory Committee Supervisor and Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission Fang Kele, Vice President Cao Maoyong, Qiao Bawu, Liu Yu and Yang Meihong went into the classroom to listen to a number of courses, including Elementary Harmony, Introduction to Information Security, Introduction to Standardisation, Management, Introduction to Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era, Ideology, Ethics and the Rule of Law and Marxism, and exchanged views with teachers and students. Basic Principles of Marxism, Management Accounting, Financial Management, Microwave Remote Sensing and other courses, and exchanged views with teachers and students.

The Academic Affairs Office and other functional departments have made a lot of serious and meticulous preparations for the opening of the new semester. The party and government team members of each teaching unit and the experts of the supervisory team of the university (college) synchronously went into the first-line classroom to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the teaching situation on the first day of the school year. According to the situation of listening to the lectures, the overall teaching operation of the university (college) is good and stable; the teachers are on time and fully prepared for the lectures; the students' attendance is high and they are active and serious in the classes; the campus learning environment is harmonious and stable, and the teachers and students open the new prelude of the new semester in a full state and with the attitude of struggle.

In the next step, the school will continue to take the first lesson as an opportunity to deepen the reform of education and teaching, to guard the main position of classroom education, to cultivate excellent teaching and learning styles, and to consolidate the central position of teaching and learning, so as to make a good start for the new semester.